Cake brings people together. Think about the last event that you attended – rather it was a wedding, birthday celebration, or work conference. Was the cake amazing? People may not remember who was there or everything that was said, but they will forever remember the cake! Cake by Chantal believes cake is an art and we carefully hand-craft them to make your event truly special and memorable. Cakes By Chantal LLC is a ServSafe and licensed home bakery.

Leading in service and superior baked goods; while, continuously improving all aspects of Cakes by Chantal, L.L.C. to obtain its long term goals and make a difference in our community

Your cupcakes are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S ...I personally had several!!!!! Thank you so much!

Franklin County Children Services


For curbside pickup, please pull into parking lot at 1270 Brentnell Ave, 43219. Call 614-733-9969 to let us know you have arrived and we will bring your items to out to you.


1270 Brentnell Ave

Curbside Pick Up

Saturday May 7, 2022

4PM - 7PM